February and March Update!

Hello Friends!

Jake here.  February and March (so far) have been pretty busy for ol’ Christy and I’d like to share with you some highlights (Christy will fill in details soon)!

SOS: Squadron Officer School is a professional military education course for mid-level Air Force Captains.  Christy attended the school in-residence and had a lot of fun!  (See Christy’s post “Hello From Alabama” and “Her0? by Skylar”.)  More importantly, she reconnected with old friends and made new ones; the rest of the course attendees even put on a Mile Run Fundraiser for the One Leg Up On Life Foundation, raising over $2000!  She was also honored by speaking at the graduation ceremony!

PT Test: February also saw Christy earn an “Excellent” (>90) on her Air Force Fitness Test, which was a huge hurdle.  Push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run might not seem like much, but running even a sprint with her blade leg “Bolt” is, according to Christy, “like running a marathon in mud with two legs”.  She ran the mile and a half in under 14 minutes!

Medical Evaluation Board: The MEB is the process which determines whether Christy is medically fit to 1) remain in the Air Force and 2) return to flying status.  This process has begun now that Christy passed her PT test and she’ll keep you updated as the paperwork continues to roll.

Norway and the X- Games: Christy’s younger brother David (Olympic gold medalist and 3 time X-Game gold medalist) competed in the European X Games in Olso, Norway!  He did well and placed fourth although both Christy and Jess think, given the technical difficulty of his performance, he should have been placed higher.  Regardless, the Games gave David a platform to share his outstanding character and faith and also gave Christy, Tim, Jess, Max, Jimmy, and Maggie (I apologize if I’m leaving anyone out) a chance to explore around Norway!

Trip to Haiti: In early April, One Leg Up On Life is finally making it’s first trip to Haiti to give Kevins a new leg!   Dr. Brittany Stryker, along with a team of other medical professionals, will be accompanying Christy and Jess.  In addition to Kevins’ leg, other goals include validating the process and relationship with the hospital in Port au Prince, examining Marcellus for a leg, examining three arm amputees, and possibly providing other amputee care that the hospital has been unable to accomplish.  For this trip especially, prayers are needed!  (If you’d like to donate to the Foundation, you can do so here.)

Invictus Games: In May, Christy will be competing in the Invictus Games!  She’ll be competing in rowing, track and field, swimming, and cycling!  So, if you’re in Orlando during May 8th – 12th, swing on by the Disney/ESPN Wide World of Sports and cheer her on!

Thank you all for your continued support; please keep praying for the MEB process, the Trip to Haiti, and for God’s will over everything!



2 thoughts on “February and March Update!

  1. Great update Jake. Lots of miles going on for those many legs. I personally am excited to be going to the Invictus Games in Florida. Sharri and I will also hope to see some grandchildren there also, besides just trying to walk to each of Christy’s events.

    Party in our room, if anyone is in the area!


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