Hello from Alabama

Dear friends, family, and supporters,

I’m sorry that it had been so long since I have written!  Last month I was able to go home to Reno, nv for 4 short days to see my family over Christmas and ski for the first time.  I also got my newest leg, Barbie, as we call her since she looks just like a real leg.  My 4 year old niece was especially fascinated with Barbie and how much she looked like my other leg.  She would play a game with me where she had to guess which one was real and she even told my sister one day, “Jessie, did you see christy?  She has two legs!  It’s a miracle!”   Hehe.  Here’s a picture of Barbie: 

  (Nayeli and I – Jessica got her doctor scrubs for her birthday so I had to retaliate with the flight suit for Christmas – please note she had to wear it with her pink boots!)

My first day back on the slopes was a powder day and although it went pretty good it was very tiring and I spent more time on the ground than I ever have before.  Major brownie points to my brother David for helping me constantly change the shock pressure on my ski leg, filming the adventure with commentary, and even giving me a piggy back ride on one stretch where I got really tired: 

This video is from the second day when I started getting the hang of it much better.  My ski leg (made with fox shocks by x games gold medalist mike Schultz who also lost his leg) doesn’t have a name yet, so please send me submissions!

I was back in Georgia for New Years so I drove down to Florida and spent a few days with my good friend Katie and her family.  We skydived on New Year’s Eve and went out in Orlando. I decided this was a great time to test out Barbie but it was pretty hard to walk on her in the brick square with a huge crowd, spilled beer etc, so although no one could tell I had a prosthetic leg, I was constantly afraid of falling.  Next time I think xena will be a much more dependable choice.

(See how cool Barbie looks?! But I’m telling you she is high maintenance… I need to keep practicing with her).

I was back to work in January and the second week my base received an extra slot to Squardon Officer School in Alabama. The medical group at moody fought to get me permission to go to training on an open medical board (from the Air Force’s viewpoint, why would they pay to train you when they haven’t officially decided to keep you yet) and my leadership up to the wing commander fought to get permission for me to come when I haven’t passed my physical fitness test run yet– and here I am!! 

The amount of equipment, uniforms, legs, and other adventure gear needed for 5.5 weeks away from home:  
Myself and 500 other AF captains are learning about doctrine, budgets, and leadership styles – while also doing physical fitness challenges and other games.  Several of my friends from college are here and the 13 others in my flight have been super supportive.  They work out with me every day and carry my extra legs when I need them, etc.  The first day I was nervous about going up the stairs in a crowd to our second floor classroom- but after doing this several times each day for 3 weeks, I am much better at it and stronger!

Here’s my flight after our x games watching party: 


 -side note, prayers for my brother David who had a bad crash in the half pipe a week ago and is working to get healthy.  Last night he still competed in the xgames but you could tell he was skiing much slower and stiffer than he normally does!

lastly, thanks if you are still reading this- with the publicity of the xgames, espn and the US Olympic Comittee came out with article about David and I.  Check them out:


Thanks everyone for the support and prayers! I feel so blessed


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