New home :)

I am learning, very slowly, to stop putting limits on what God is capable of providing for you. After arriving to San Antonio with most of my life possessions stuffed into two boxes and two suit cases, it became evident pretty quickly that Christy and I needed a more permanent home than the fisher house room we were living in.  That is when the house miracles started happening. We had some amazing people at Randolph Field Realty who helped us find a house ten minutes from the hospital and rehab center for half the price of the two bedroom apartments in the area!!  We signed the lease papers less than a week ago, and I set off to find garage sale furniture alone while Christy rested. About an hour after unsuccessful hunting, Joyce our Realtor called saying that she had put up an internet post and 25+ people had already volunteered to donate us furniture. The next day they held a donation pick up, and four different families spent the day helping us collect furniture (a huge couch, beds, dressers, etc) and transport it to our house. I was in shock at their generosity!  We even had someone get us brand new silverware and dishes. 

On Monday, Russ -our SAMMC case manager – helped me move Christy’s entire room of belongings to our new house while Christy was in rehab. Trust me, with all Christy’s friends and supporters, she has accumulated quite a bit of stuff in three months! 

Then the River Rats, a pilot and aircrew non profit organization, agreed to help us get the rest. They took us to their warehouse, where we got to pick out the remaining items we needed including a refrigerator, washer, and dryer!!  The River Rats, or the “Grey Haired Moving Company” as they called themselves, brought all the rest of the furniture in a trailer the next day!!  It was quite the event as I stood there helplessly, and six retired pilots moved a huge refrigerator and other items into our house. They even had to take the doors off our house to get the fridge in, and installed our washer and dryer. They will also help us with the rent as Christy still pays rent on her home in Valdosta, Georgia. They are an amazing organization! 

We are so grateful for the many people that got us into our new home! May God pour his blessings on you as He has done for us!  Christy has slept two of three nights in her new room, which is pretty good for her!! The back porch of our house is amazing, please stop by for a visit. 



In front of our new home  
  Spot for our garden!   
Back porch!!

  Living room  
Front view

  The River Rats moving company!  
The man at the top moved the fridge, buff retired pilot! 

  Taking the door off to get the fridge in.   
New fridge just fits!

Stackable washer and dryer – Gary installing.     

  Christy’s new room  
Kitchen totally stocked 


Randolph Field Realty Crew
Dotty and Joyce our realtor angels!!

We are blown away by the support, so thanks everyone!

4 thoughts on “New home :)

  1. We’re excited for you and PTL.




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