The twin adventures continue…

Friends and family (christy here),

Great news: My twin sister Jessica moved to san Antonio at the beginning of July.  In the continuation of the miracles that have happened since my accident, we wrote a contract from her school in Las Vegas and got it approved for her to finish her last few medical school rotations at the hospital where I do rehab!!  When she was going around getting her security paperwork and badges everyone kept asking her, “wait, who are you?  You’re not military?  How did you get this rotation?”  Her coordinator, Lisa kept saying, “oh this is Jessica, the commanders special case”!  The icing on top of the cake (continued miracle) was when my orthopedic surgeon overheard her talking about her rotations and asked her if she would also be interested in being his research assistant?! He is letting her work part time for him now while she finishes rotations and then full time next semester as she applies for residency. Turns out he is well known in the orthopedic community and research is an important part of a residency resume, so this is career changing for her!

  We have not lived together since we graduated high school 10 years ago, so I feel so blessed to have her here and helping in my recovery process!  One of her first research projects is writing a case study on the experimental vacuum we used a month or so ago to try to get my incision to close faster.  I joked with the doctor that Jessica is indeed a “subject matter expert” on every aspect of my recovery so far including that vacuum. 

Jess hard at work researching at our kitchen table

Besides finding a house to live in, we started a scuba class this week!  I was half-way through my certification in Florida when the accident happened- but now I need an adaptive license anyway.  The rehab center does adaptive scuba for amputees as part of the recovery process and they have graciously allowed Jess to do it with me!  So we have spent every evening this week in the pool laughing at each other under water!

Another adventure was when I tried out the “wave runner” last week for visiting leadership personnel.  It helps with balance and core strength.  Mostly I think Jess just laughed at me as I crashed into the walls. 

Don’t worry, it hasn’t been all fun and games for the wise girls. We’ve been filling out tax forms (me) and coordinating with Dominican/Haitian clinics and prosthetists (Jess) for our nonprofit organization we have started with Tim. 

In rehab, I’m working on stairs and walking with my new computer knee this week and sadly I’m back on pain meds from all the strain.  X-rays showed my left toe is still broken and there’s part of a bone graft in my residual leg which explains the increase in pain.  I appreciate prayers for that and patience for me as I try not to get discouraged.  Jess has been absolutely amazing with moving all our stuff into our new house and putting up with me being grumpy and gone.  Here’s the report card I gave my therapist everyday this week to improve my attitude from the week before: 

Every evening Jess looks at it, hehe. 

Well, we are both headed back to Reno, nv today for our 10 year high school reunion this weekend.  So great to have my best friend to travel with!

I am blessed!

Thanks again everyone for prayers/ support.


One thought on “The twin adventures continue…

  1. Just when I think I’m all caught up on the Wise girls news – there is more! Ladies, I can’t wait to visit your new digs! Be thinking about what delicious dinner dishes and treats I can bring 🙂


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