Carson Bird


My dear friend, Carson Bird, passed away last Saturday after an amputation and continued battle with cancer. Carson and his wife Brit had plans to join on us on a trip to Haiti to give kids prosthetic legs (besides our plans of him joining me as a ringer on the AF warrior games team). My heart is breaking at the news and a few weeks ago Carson talked to me about his amazing “legacy” being with our organization. I could not have been more honored (although still heartbroken).

So, OLUOL will be doing a special “Carson Bird Leg” in one of our upcoming trips. Of course it will be a running leg as I would want nothing less for an athlete like Carson. If you would like to show your support for Carson’s wife and family please donate to this leg through our website: and please put in the notes that it’s for the Carson Bird leg.

Of course I still wish it was Carson going with me to Haiti but this will have to suffice on this side of heaven.

–  Christy

2 thoughts on “Carson Bird

  1. Sweet Christy! Thank you for sharing about Carson. I did not know him, but he was dear to some friends of mine- the Pastorello’s.

    Joe coached Carson at the AFA. Then Carson went on to coach their son Mason. Kathleen told me the news right after it happened. And I just now connected the dots after reading your blog. Kathleen owns the pilates studio where I work and we started a bible study together.

    As I mentioned to Kathleen, it warms my heart to know that you and them are connected by such a special man like Carson. I’m so sorry for your loss… it’s just plain sad when someone you are close to dies (as I continue to process, pray and cry thru my moms death).

    Praying for you and all who knew him! Love and miss you sweet one… we cheer you on from a distance with every step of your journey and we couldn’t be more proud of you!

    Xo, Mel

    Melissa Chu PO Box 62776 Colorado Springs, CO 80962 719-339-9422

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