Heading to Haiti! (Round 2)


In just a few days, Christy, Jess, and a OLUOL team of volunteers is heading to Haiti for about one week to continue the Foundation’s mission of glorifying God by providing prosthetic limbs to child amputees who can’t afford limbs.

The team is excited because they’re planning on presenting prosthetic arms to Woodline, Mikerline, and Luciano and one prosthetic leg to Marcellus, at a minimum. In addition to presenting the prosthetic limbs, the team will also be working toward the following goals:

– Fit and build eight prosthetic legs; four AK and four BK
– Provide general construction improvement around Bernard Mevs Hospital
– Provide daily English lessons and Bible studies for Haitian children
– Provide physical therapy and fitness education to Haitian amputees
– Foster partnerships with Project Medishare, Bernard Mevs, the Amputee Soccer Team, and Project Stitch

There’s a lot of work for the team to do and we greatly appreciate support and prayers! If you wish to join the team financially, please visit OneLegUpOnLife.org/Donate, but by far the most important way you can support is through constant prayer for the team, thier work, and everyone who they meet!

Finally, here’s an awesome video that OLUOL’s Jimmy Matthews put together with highlights from April’s Port-au-Prince trip!

Thank you all for your continuing support; you’re making a difference in the lives of children and we at OLUOL thank you deeply!


One thought on “Heading to Haiti! (Round 2)

  1. I got a really good picture of the trip, people and mission. Thanks for the production Jimmy. God bless your next trip. I will be broadcasting it here in Reno for your requested prayer and financial support.

    You can feel the Lord in this!


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