Alive Day Trivia Answers


thanks to everyone who played my “Alive Day Trivia” game – both those who played in person at dinner in Valdosta and all those who e-mailed or texted in answers from afar.  I got some really funny and creative answers so I decided to create a post about them all.

Shout out to Evan and team Nick/Kathryn who won in person – my sister Jessica and the Maggie/Jimmy team won from afar (although they were there for most events so that might not count).  Definite kudos to Col Hosey who knew more names of my legs than my parents (although he does see them more often) and Chance who had the most creative answers.

 Here’s the answers – although know that for scoring – I was very generous -if you could explain it and it was on the right track I gave you a point.

  1.  How many legs do I have? 4.5 prosthetic legs and 1 2/5 real legs.  If you added those together or had anywhere from 4-6 I gave you credit
  2. What are their names?  computer/everything leg: Xena,   Running leg (with two different types of blades): Bolt,    Water leg: Ariel ,   Fancy -real looking leg:  Barbie,  and ski leg (bottom part only which is why I say only 4.5)  – no name yet although I’m thinking I’ll go with Bode.  Also, Ilene was my first legs name that I no longer have but I gave credit for anyone that remembered her.
  3. Who saved me (what kind of boat?) (Who was in it?)  Robert and Michelle in a fishing boat!
  4. What did Tim use for a tourniquet?  His long sleeve shirt and a fishing net handle (to tighten it down)
  5. What is the use for the following?           spray bottle with alcohol is to actually put my leg on – with a suction socket it is too tight to put on any other way.  Remote control is to change modes on Xena (biking mode, wakeboarding or push-ups for example) – it locks the knee in a certain angle. The circular sock goes around my leg for late in the day or anytime that my leg starts to “shrink” and therefore my socket is loose.  The allen wrench is to change alignment or anything else to “fix” my legs.  The flat ended key and white looking bolt are both to change one of my running blades to the other.  The black weird shaped plate is for my left foot and my broken toe.  I used plates like that in all my shoes for 8 months as a type of cast until my toe surgery in October.
  6. I was wearing a life jacket when I was hit?  FALSE.  This was another thing on our miracle list because right before we went out, Tim and I were debating whether to put life jackets on or not and we decided to just strap them to the boards but not wear them.  When I was hit by the boat – had I been wearing a life jacket, I would not have been able to swim down to miss the propeller.
  7. Name any celebrities or famous people I have met since the accident?  Prince Harry, Tim McGraw, original Tuskegee Airmen, Spencer Stone (nice kathryn – I even forgot about that one) General Welsh – also a lot of people said my brother David – haha – so I gave you points just because it was funny although technically of course I knew him before the accident.
  8. I took the walk PT test in February?  FALSE because I did the run. 🙂
  9. Leg Joke:  see below for some examples
  10. Bonus:  can you name my physical therapist, surgeon, or prosthetist?  Dr. Daniel Stinner – surgeon, PT – Alicia and prosthetist John.


So here’s some of the answers:

-How many legs do I have?  “Bakers Dozen.”

Their names are Shakira, Laquandra, Slappy, Skinny Hank, Tiffany, Roxy, Chuck, Love, Skatey, Surfy, Sexy, and Butch.”   – from Nate

-“I quit because I cannot achieve 70 percent – the mandatory passing grade for the environmental classes I teach”  – my Dad

-My friend Chance gets the award for most creative answers overall.  Here’s what he sent me:

How many legs do I have?
– more than me!

What are their names?
– Harry (the leg that still grows hair)
– Ron (the pylon good at running away)
– Hermione  (the smart one aka xena?)
– Cho Chang (the pretty one aka barbie?)
– Draco (the slick one aka ski leg?)

Who picked me up in the water (what kind of boat? Who was in it?)
– The wiser one (Tim) with some help from his Mr and Mrs. Wisest in their fishing boat full of fish.

What did Tim use for a tourniquet?
– His superior SABC skills…duh  (did he really have to use his shirt or was he just trying to impress you?)

What is the use for each item in the picture?
– lubricant (what else is lubricant used for)
– the remote sensor to lock/unlock your leg (prevent anyone from running off with it…sadly legs are a rare commodity)
– a sock for mild comfort but mostly to keep your stub from smelling like my little brothers gym bag)
– a one toed shoe insole
– a key to tighten Xena (when she get fiesty amd wants to kick someone down the stairs)
– a bigger key (for when she’s REALY fiesty)
– and of course some chapstick

True/false: I was wearing a life jacket when I was hit
– obviously true! (What else would have saved your life?)

Name any celebrities or famous people I’ve met because of my accident:
– Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales (please tell me that’s how he introduces himself)


Jokes from everyone:

-What do you call a girl with one leg?  Ilene.  What do they call her in Japan?  Irene.

-From Karate kid “Sweep the leg!”

-“Well at least you can do more pull-ups now” (waseem said in the hospital- hehe – and true!)

-You can be a pirate for Halloween!

-“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Christy misses her leg,

but Xena loves you!”

-Poem from Matt

-What do you get when you cross a pig and a centipede?  Bacon and legs!

-What did the sock say to the foot? Shoe!

-What do you call a Hispanic man who just got his first prosthetic leg?  “Joaquin”  (hehe – love this one Meghan!)

-“You’re not going to be a place kicker or punter for the NFL.”   -thanks Uncle Bob

-“You’re about as useful as tits on a hog (the female is called a snow) or a one legged man in an ass kicking contest”  (thanks Mom! haha – especially the pig vocabulary lesson)

-What do you call a girl who maintains a relationship with multiple prosthetic legs?  A Pol-leg-gamest (polygamy? Polegamy?   get it?!)

-What do you tell a one legged hitch-hiker?  Hop in!

-Where do you find a one legged dog?  Where you left him!

-Where do one legged people work?  IHOP




-Thanks everyone!  It was an absolute blast reading and compiling all of these and it made my Alive Day very memorable and positive.





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