Alive Day (aka the one year anniversary of my accident)

In the early hospital days I referred to my accident date as “D Day” until another amputee corrected me: “no, Christy, we call that ‘Alive Day’ because it’s the day that you are still lucky to be alive.”  Many in the community celebrate Alive Day more then their birthdays.  :). One guy I know- he stepped on an IED while deployed and his whole town celebrates with him!  I didn’t do anything quite that elaborate, but did get dinner and drinks with friends.  For fun they all took this quiz to see how much of my last year they remember.  For those of you that have been following my recovery since the beginning- try it out! Or see how good you are at guessing.  In-person winners got medals and the best answer from afar get a free One Leg Up On Life t-shirt:  you can write your answers in a comment or email them (

How many legs do I have?

What are their names?

Who picked me up in the water (what kind of boat? Who was in it?)

What did Tim use for a tourniquet?

What is the use for each item in the picture?

True/false: I was wearing a life jacket when I was hit

Name any celebrities or famous people I’ve met because of my accident:

True/false: I took the walk PT (physical fitness) test in February

Leg joke:
Bonus: can you name my physical therapist, surgeon, or prosthetist?

Give it a few days and then I’ll post all the answers.  Thanks everyone who participated already! It’s been super fun to read them and there are some great jokes- I can’t wait for some more.

So, on a serious note-of course I’m thankful today for this past year and the crazy fact that one year ago tonight God decided to let me live for a little longer-and therefore put several people in the right place at the right time to help me (I would say their names -but that would give you guys an answer- hehe).

It was surreal to have just gotten back from Haiti where we helped fix and give kids prostheses.  (Don’t worry- we’ll give a full update and report of the trip). It was so cool to me to have our foundations first trip so close to my one-year anniversary. Seeing Kervens smile about running- and running with him- was amazing!! While I can’t say it made all the hard times completely worth it-it definitely helps!!

Today is a positive day- a celebration.  Still as I head to bed, I wish I was still living with Jess or that my roommate wasn’t away visiting his family.  The recurring nightmare of the boat hitting me and the 4-5 minutes after- I haven’t had it for a few months thankfully.  The good news is that if it does hit tonight, I have a long list of friends/family/supporters that I can call!

Thanks everyone!


One thought on “Alive Day (aka the one year anniversary of my accident)

  1. 4.5 legs. Aeiral, Ilene, Bolt, ?
    A couple out fishing in their fishing boat. I could look them up in the blog, but won’t. I believe they visited you in the hospital in Pensacola and went to the fundraiser in Dustin.
    Tim used his long sleeve shirt
    Pad, lube, key, sweat ring, ??
    I have never seen a pic of you with a life jacket on the paddle board, so no.
    You talked to an astronaut at the space station in orbit, the secretary of the air force, General Wallace, Prince Harry
    False, and though I do not remember the jokes I think sitting while using your leg as a tray for your drink is something else.


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