Merry Christmas

Friends and family,

Hello and Merry Christmas from Georgia!  (Christy here) My sister and I will be sending out a One Leg Up On Life Christmas card/update, so please comment on this or send either of us your address if you would like to receive one!

We have so much to be thankful for during this holiday season.  During this time of gift-giving and year end donations, please remember our foundation and the kids in Haiti we are trying to provide new prosthetic limbs!

Or check our new website:

I am happy to say we have raised enough to get our first kid, Kevin’s, his leg and will be traveling to Port-a-prince in January to get it to him! As we work with him, help us get Marcellus a running leg or our girls new arms!

Thanks everyone for your support of our foundation.  We never imagined we would have it up and running so quickly.
 On a personal note, my transition from rehab in San Antonio to home in Georgia has gone great.  

On my drive across country I was blessed to see two of my of my best friends get married with my sister as my date.  

 It was also my first time dancing with xena and it went pretty ok I think (ask the other attendees).  My new ultimate dance move is turning my leg around upside down and waving it around (I mean, who else can do that?) haha

As soon as I was back in Valdosta my friends Cortney and Joel made me feel very welcomed with balloons, flowers and groceries in my fridge!  What more can you ask for?

Also, my first day back I got right to work in the squadron Stan/eval shop and had a foster teenager.  He was awesome and made my first week back eventful and enertaining.  We did very “teenager things” like going to the movies and the mall, oh and cutting down a Christmas tree.

I always say fostering is as much fun (or more) for me then it is for the kids, so it’s almost selfish really. 🙂

Everyone has been super supportive of my being back including running with me, going out to the plane to practice setting the parking brake, helping me adjust my skiing leg in the office, etc etc!!  The “amputee pilot mafia” with my mentors Andrew louracke and John Alvarez even got me simulator time last week in Tampa to keep up my flying skills (thanks guys!). My next goal is to pass my PT (physical fitness) test in January so we can then submit all the paperwork for my medical board to get back on flying status. 

Although I am training hard physically and enjoying full work days in the squadron, don’t worry I’ve still had time for Star Wars premiers, sweater parties, and skydiving.  It’s good to be home. 

As always, thank you everyone for your support and prayers and please remember our kiddos in Haiti during this holiday season.

God bless,




2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Every time I read an update I am just amazed and encourage me to keep going in life no matter what because I always go back to the conclusion that GOD IS ABLE. I can see that in your life as an example of tenacity, encouragement, persistent and above all “LOVE”, patience, joy regardless the circumstances. Christy, I do really believe that you were brought to this world for a very special mission and I think you are largely reaching it. Amazed me too seeing Jessie giving so much support through the hard and good times. Nothing happens for no reason, God has his own way to lead us to the top of the mountain and you are walking to that top. I wish you both a very “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY ESPECIAL HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016”
    I would love to receive your Christmas card if I still have a chance for that. My address is 214 Duling Ave. Madison, TN 37115


  2. I would love to receive a Christmas Card update – Carolyn Lloyd, 1617 Lefty Garcia Way, Henderson, NV 89002 – Long-time friend of your Mom’s.


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