October Overview…

The last blog post I (Jessica) started to write was titled something about September, as you probably noticed that never got published since Christy posted “Stripped to the Core”, and now suddenly October is over too. I will attempt to fill you in on what’s been going on for us over the past month.

Army Ten Miler: Well I thought it was great, but I was not the one running ten miles with one leg in severe toe pain from mile number 1.   We traveled with a team of other wounded warriors, Christy’s physical therapist, and Christy’s surgeon. The team was great, and it was interesting to talk with them as they had also been on this recovery journey. Our dear friends Maggie, Jimmy, and Jacqueline from Florida and Michawn from Nevada came out to run the race with us which was awesome. They even made shirts that said #christystrong and “One Leg Up On Life”. Because of the shirts, Christy had people shouting at her and encouraging her the entire 10 miles. For Christy it was pretty humbling to be “encouraged for walking 10 miles” as she puts it, but from my perspective as one of Christy’s number one fans, I truly appreciated every person along the way that said something. They seriously brought tears to my eyes, I just wanted to shake every one of their hands and say “thank you for encouraging her because she IS AMAZING and it’s been a really freaking long road and every step along the way has been hard”. So to anyone who was there in D.C. supporting her or supporting her from home, THANK YOU!!

Two days after returning from the race Christy had toe surgery, and I started surgery rotations for medical school. What we thought was going to be an easy surgery and recover was actually pretty miserable for the first week. It turns out that having surgery on your only big toe left actually impairs you quite a bit as Christy was in enough pain that she couldn’t even put pressure on her toe to be able to put her prosthetic leg on. Thankfully we had our good friend Katie visiting and helping out after surgery as I was in the hospital on call for rotations.

One exciting thing and definite praise was that we were able to find a car to buy. We have been looking for months while Christy and I shared a car. Poor Christy would have to take me to work at 4:30 am, which was not really helping her get the sleep she already doesn’t get.

Christy also got to meet Prince Harry recently (no big deal). He was in D.C. working at the British embassy to organize the Invictus Games, an international version of the Warrior Games. I fully volunteered to go in Christy’s place for this meeting, (I figured I pretty much look like her and could wear her flight suit), but she wanted to meet him herself I guess. Anyways, the meeting went pretty well, maybe she will tell you about it later when we get some pictures.

Last week Christy took a trip to do her first C130 flight simulator. This was a bit of a reality check for her, as she soon was reminded that things like putting the parking brake on the C130, pushing rudder pedals, and engine out scenarios are actually really hard to handle with two good legs let alone trying to do these things with one good leg. Day one was very rough. However for day two, unbeknownst to us, a C130 crew came to San Antonio for the Randolph Air Show, and Christy was allowed to practice again with her pilot friends from past crews who happened to be flying that specific plane and her team of prosthetists and physical therapists. With the whole team there they were able to figure out the parking break and work on other scenarios. As I write this Christy is in Tucson, doing another sim with the crew there.

 This past weekend, I was on trauma call at the hospital for Halloween, and Christy is the new favorite among the surgeons for bringing us In and Out and Starbucks while we were working all night. She got to trick or treat with the Johnson family, a family who has truly been a blessing to Christy and I here in San Antonio.

Up and coming Christy and I will be going sky diving this weekend, and then it’s off to NYC for a Wounded Warrior event next week. All in all, it has been a great month with a good share of ups and downs. God has been ever present with us, and continues to sustain us. Thank you for all of your support. Christy is trying to go back to her base in Georgia in the next few weeks so that will be the next big step.   Prayers always appreciated, and we also love to hear from you all.


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