Toe surgery 👣


Toe all bandaged up after surgery  

Jess taking advantage of the computer in Christy’s pre-op room to do some Dr work!

Time to go!

All smiles 😊

Ready to head home. Looking good after surgery!

Today Christy had surgery on her big toe. During her accident, Christy’s toe was “nicked” as she says, by the propeller. This in itself is a miracle, as obviously this big toe has an important role for providing her balance! However, the result of the injury was a small chip of bone that was “floating” off to the side and unfortunately did not heal itself as the doctors were originally hoping. Because it has been causing some discomfort for Christy (especially as she’s been putting new stresses on it with her running routine) the surgeons today removed the chip. In a few weeks Christy’s toe should be good to go and hopefully will be pain free! Additionally, this should be her final surgery. 👍 Please send prayers for this recovery to be quick so that Christy can get back into her physical therapy and complete the final phases of her San Antonio recovery!
Side note–it had been far too long, around 4 months, since I had last been to visit Christy. The progress that she has made in those months is absolutely incredible. It blew me away to see her walking confidently, driving, and living with a significant decrease in pain 🙌. This is nothing short of amazing and an answer to so many prayers from around the world. Christy and Jess are still the busiest girls with a daily schedule that I could barely keep up with (after the first night of my visit they were laughing to Pitch Perfect 2 while I was snoring on the couch). Their adorable house is such a comfortable place and is truly a home. Christy’s friends and fellow patients at the CFI are some of the most caring people I’ve ever met and requested updates immediately after her surgery. This is what community and friendship is all about. And end note–Christy’s doctor is the real McDreamy…😍…! What a blessing that she has the best care in the world! 
Blue skies, 


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