September In San Antonio

Here are a few more updates from the last month in San Antonio…pictures with discriptions from Jess.

Christy running with her new “pylon” aka not a knee. Running has been much more tolerable with as this leg is a lot lighter. She is now up to running a mile!  Tomorrow we head to Washington DC to do the Army 10mile race. 

Biking…the new running. Christy started biking with the regional paraolympic team because running is super hard and no longer enjoyable for cardio training. 

Dinner in New Braunfels with Angel and Svetlana some of our favorite nurses. 

Christy running with the pylon in the CFI. 

Jake, doing what he does best which is helping in any and every situation. Jake came to visit recently and was super encouraging to us when we needed a bit of encouragement.

Christy getting pumped to sky dive in the wind tunnel. 

Our friend Evan came to visit from Georiga to practice in the wind tunnel with Christy. First time flying since her accident. We have plans to go real sky diving in a couple weeks!  It’ll be my first time sky diving

Me (Jess) flying in the tunnel. 

As you can see we have been keeping busy. Please keep us in your prayers, life is still a struggle every day. We have the Army ten mile race this weekend and Christy is getting toe surgery next  Wednesday. 


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