Needed: running leg name

Friends and family,

Last Friday we got a new addition to the family- Drum roll please…

A running leg!! She’s a  beaut.  Yes, she’s a blade just like you’ve seen in the movies or maybe the Olympics…

Here I am trying her out with my therapist Alicia, Tim, and Ashleigh.  They were amazing and kept talking and joking with me as we walked and ran in small bursts for 6 miles (like an idiot – I signed up for the Army 10 mile race in DC on October 11th, so I’m training for that.  I didn’t even run that far on two legs- what made me think I should try it on one?!  I’m going to blame the lack of sleep and sporadic pain meds for affecting my sound judgement…)

 Before Friday, I was running with my computer leg, xena, in the walk-to-run mode which was ridiculously hard because it’s so heavy and gives you no energy back.  My blade is much lighter and gives 98% of the energy back – which is awesome- but nothing like a human leg which returns up to 300% of the force that you use flexing your muscles when you take a stride.  All this to say, my therapist informs me while I was dying and everyone else was barely breaking a sweat-it’s ok and is understandable because scientists say it takes a below-knee amputees 30% more energy to ambulate (walk) and an above-knee amputees 60% more energy- and that’s just walking.  No good data on running yet. Tim and Ashleigh, I’m sorry I was so grumpy and mean while we were running and the whole weekend after actually when I could barely walk from being sore.  Thanks for going with me and putting up with my tears and frustration.  For my Georgia friends, I’ll be back in town this week and am looking for new run/walk buddies.  
Also, please note the old-school wrist guards- came in handy the 4 times I fell, haha.  Safety first!

Lastly: running leg names list- Bambi, bolt (after the famous runner), speedy, Gonzalez, road runner.  Please vote or add new suggestions. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Needed: running leg name

  1. How about Zip? Or, Seus? Your bravery, strength, stamina, & courage, are all God given, as you know Christy. Praise him for all the blessings he’s bestowed upon you. I live with pain as well, perhaps not as bad as you have, but please know I pray that your pain subsides. God accomplishes His plan through our pain. Read I Peter 12-19, about Sharing the Sufferings of Christ. You are certainly an example of Christ living within us.
    Mucho Love, Sandy Fox

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  2. You are a wonderful upbeat young woman and I am amazed every time I read your blog, sent to us by our dear family. Keep it up and you will soon be flying.
    Praises and prayers………..Claire Lincoln,

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  3. Last Sunday when I went to church I heard “Selfie Speedy” name for the leg. Did you already name it?
    You are a very good and strong example for everybody.


  4. It seems your helpers typically receive names from the distaff side but if you were willing to deviate from that how about “Forrest” ? I seem to recall that at one point anytime he was going anywhere he was running …. Still praying and hoping you come back our way and say hey someday.


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