Weekend Fun 21-23 Aug!


First off, this is about two weeks late.  My bad.

Friday: Asphalt Cowboys Bekah and Aiden completed their 700+ mile journey to San Antonio!  After a tour of the CFI, Christy, Bekah, and Aiden took all the cool toys (like the handbike) for a spin (see “Five Things I’ve Been Up To”).  Aiden assured the neighbors that, although he was in the track wheelchair, he didn’t actually lose his leg.  McFarland USA topped off a day of fun sports-related activities (I arrived two-thirds of the way through the film).

Saturday: Christy slept nine hours Friday night!  Almost as exciting as Christy’s slumber were Bekah’s pancakes, which fueled us (Rel had joined us by then) for our trip to the water park about 7 minutes from the house!  Our friends Ben, Morgan, Katie, and Mike met us at the park, which we proceeded to takeover like a roving gang of mid-20 year-old children.  Key highlights include Morgan going winless in her races and the girls beating the guys (must have been rigged) on “The Luge”.

More importantly, Christy continued to inspire everyone around her.  Standing in line near the top of “The Wedgie”, Christy was the first in our wolfpack to take the plunge.  As she sped down, some guys behind us said something to the effect of “she did it, why am I scared to go?!”.  Also, climbing over 500 stairs was pretty impressive, in addition to good PT.  Christy, always the enthusiastic host, invited everyone over and we topped off the day with grilled kabobs and steaks.

Sunday: Bekah continued her streak of outstanding breakfast creations by making omelets, and we attended church.  And we chilled.

As always, Christy has been non-stop, inspiring those around her, raising support for the Foundation, doing cool adventures, and incessantly rehabbing; but it can be tiring, especially when good sleep is a rarity. Additionally, over the past weeks, a bone spur and small ball of nerves have been developing in her right leg, which along with bursts of intense pain, brings further physical and emotional drain.

Prayer requests:

  • Christy’s sleep and pain
  • Jess’s boards and residency applications
  • Continued support for the Foundation as it is still in it’s infancy
  • Most importantly, that God will use everything for His will and His good

Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, time, and resources but don’t stop!  There’s still a road ahead…



One thought on “Weekend Fun 21-23 Aug!

  1. Just a recollection from Christy’s past, as I heard it. One summer she brought her cadet buddies home from Bealle AFB when they were there on summer duty to the Reno/Tahoe area. She took them to Emerald Pools on the Yuba River, where the highest rock jump location above the pools was about 72 feet up and then jumped off! Then one of the three other white knuckled young men had to do it or face ridicule the rest of the summer from the guys. He did it and lived to eat BBQ at our house, but I am sure refused to go on any more fun weekend trips with Christy. The guy on the slide reminded me of that!


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