“Has Anyone Seen My Leg?” by Bradley Duke Daum

Friends and family,

A florida local, Bradley Duke Daum, was hanging out at Mangos the day of our event.  He’s a local builder who likes to write poems and short stories for fun, so he asked my sister-in-law who was taking pictures if he could send us a poem about what he observed.  Here it is:

Has Anyone Seen My Leg?


 A crowded patio fills with young energy and movement,

Water nearby embraces boards and balance.

Celebration of unfortunate circumstance beyond their control,

Gathering of the best of their generation.

Bodies glisten in near-perfect proportion,

Communication between athletes – not a cloud in the sky.

Silent auction begins with measured excitement,

Chosen treasures with water-sport intention.

Clouds move in as festivities slowly come to a close,

Hugs and handshakes conclude celebration.

Across the room comes the most dramatic sound,

A brave young woman innocently calls five powerful words:

“Has anyone seen my leg?” was spoken,

Joking as she searches for her carbon-fiber best friend.

Taking the edge off the pain of losing her limb,

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes,

Her beauty on the outside was overtaken for a moment,

One leg up on those among us.

2 thoughts on ““Has Anyone Seen My Leg?” by Bradley Duke Daum

  1. It is on the little paper I gave you with all the stores ☺

    Karen Sammons, SST
    Lowndes Co DFCS
    206 S Patterson Street
    Valdosta, GA 31601
    Office: 229-333-7025
    Fax: 229-316-9544
    Email: Karen.Sammons@dhs.ga.gov

    For those who believe, no explanation is necessary,
    for those who do not believe no explanation is possible

    Author Unknown


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