5 things I’ve been up to


Some of you know there was a surgery scare as I was having pretty bad pain right after the fundraising event and we thought we might have to operate on this nueroma I have on my residual leg (Rez as we call her).  Two weeks later, it seems to be subsiding and might be good enough in a new socket (hopefully). Here’s what I’ve been up to since:

1.  Adaptive scuba- finished my certification and tested Ariel (swim leg) out on some dives in Panama City beach 

2. Racing my friend Aiden and bekah with all my wheelchairs (the cul-de-sac we live in is perfect for this).

3. Talking to my prison pen-pal on the phone! His name is Tyler and we’ve been writing letters for about 2 years.  Yesterday I talked to him for the first time and it was awesome. He said he’s been so worried about me since my accident and hasn’t stopped praying. 

4.  Running!! No, I don’t have a running leg yet, but yesterday I tried the walk-to-run mode on Xena (in case I’m out and about and there’s a bus coming at me or something- I have to be able to run!).  It’s pretty awkward so don’t judge!

5. Getting carried!  There have been a handful of times in the last few weeks where my leg pain hit so hard that all of a sudden that I couldn’t walk.  I don’t really carry my crutches around anymore, so luckily for me I have an amazing boyfriend and great friends who carry me (shout-out to Vic, Chad, and Tim)!

-thanks everyone,


5 thoughts on “5 things I’ve been up to

  1. Christy: caught up a bit with you & Jess tonight and your great pictures, especially super to see you on your board! Prayers for both of you as you live life and conquer challenges. Congrats on scuba cert. Be sure to put Fiji on dive list, I rate Kadavu most awesome of my Scuba Diving! My 7th Principal this year for my HVES Tutor program and i still use YOUR PHONICS report. We’ve been digging through Montana Mother Lode that we bought at a Sapphire Mine near Helena, Hurrah, we’ve found some sapphires! I ‘m helping Don put slate on the side of our house tomorrow, oh, it’s after one AM, so later this morn! Must crash, Much love from both of us to both of you. Jeanne


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