Paddleboarding fundraiser!

Hello friends and family, christy here.

I am back in San Antonio a little sunburned and exhausted from the weekend in FL, but happy! (My sister, sister-in-law, and good friend Deb are all still stuck in airports getting home, so I’m the lucky one).  Yesterday was our nonprofit, One Leg Up On Life’s first event: a paddleboard event right near where I was hit by a boat 4 months ago.  It was really important to me to be back in the area where it happened and doing something that I love- being out on the water with friends -to show that although my life is drastically different – there are a lot of things still the same!

Overall, the event raised around $5,000 between registration fees (80 people registered- so many more then we expected, so we ran out of shirts), the silent auction, donations, and 10% of food sales during the event!  Our online donations are up to $10,000- so we are well on our way to get our first kid, Kevins, a leg!!  Thank you everyone who came out to the event or supported and prayed for us from afar. is still going for those that haven’t gotten a chance to support us yet.  🙂

I’m pretty tired so I’m keeping this short, but here are some photos from the weekend:

Setting up

 Bote graciously donated these two amazing boards for our silent auction

 Jess and I talking at the start of the event

Paddlers getting ready!  We had two one-mile heats of 30 paddlers, and one two-mile race.

Timers/race staff watching the heats

Coast guard was out there patrolling and keeping us all safe!

 My PA from that first weekend at the hospital made it out with his family even though they’re moving to Haiti this week.  It was great to see them
By the end of the day my leg was hurting so I took it off- but I have great friends who give me piggy-back rides when I can’t walk anymore 🙂

-thanks everyone!

3 thoughts on “Paddleboarding fundraiser!

  1. Good morning Christy & Jess,

    This is Becky Jenne. I am a good friend of Mary TImko and have met you both several times over the years at the TImko’s. I am also a CPA and wanted to offer my help (should you need it) with the accounting for the foundation. I am on the board for a non-profit and have done the accounting for several different organizations over the years. I don’t know if you need any help, but wanted you to know that I was available, should you need any.

    Thanks, Becky


  2. Christy, Jessica, Tim and all:

    I was riding our ATV most of the fundraiser day up and down the mountain with David on his motorcycle looking for elusive elk–it was a great time to pray for your day and event, since we were up at 4:00 Pacific time. I prayed that the people there and you organizers were lifted up by God’s presence and grace.

    I just got back from five days hard hunting, with hundreds of miles up and down steep mountain slopes, so though I do not have your pain, I am trying to be a member of the adventurous family we are.

    Love to you and the great friends that are part of this journey.


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  3. What great news and success for your first Fun(d) raiser!! Looks like you had a great time, Wise Girls, and a lot of participants! Wow, over $10,000 already raised!!!! I’m sure Kevin will be excited when you all are able to get down there to see him and get him his leg!

    May God continue to bless your efforts as you serve our Precious LORD and Savior Jesus Christ in this new ministry which didn’t exist 4 months ago…change happens quickly.

    Matthew & Suzanne

    P.S. Joni Eareckson Tada was a member at our old church. Like you, her world changed in a flash when she had a diving accident in 1967 (at age 14) which left Joni a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Today, she is an internationally known mouth artist and a talented vocalist, along with running a worldwide ministry! She had no idea how the LORD Jesus was going to use her at that time! Keep on keepin’ on, Girls! We love you, and so does He!!!


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