Meet la tres amigas: Eileen,  Xena, and Ariel. 

The last few weeks have been crazy with new prosthetic legs to learn to walk on. Christy’s words in italics. 

Eileen  is the first leg, with a hinge knee that Christy took to the Warrior Games. A little “uppity” and mean (bit David and Tim a couple of times) and pretty hard to walk in but she was the first..


Xena is Christy’s new X3 microprocessor knee prosthetic!  Basically it doesn’t collapse on her (senses her movement) and allows her to do stairs!  She came with a large users manual, and the knee is smarter than me ;).

Like all new technology… Capable but complicated. Took me five days to read the owners manual.

The newest addition to the family today is Ariel, Christy’s swimming leg with a waterproof foot that she can walk down the beach with!  It is super light, and Christy walks really smoothly with it. 

Ariel: simple, low maintenance, fun!!  Don’t let looks deceive you, (the too tan foot -aka black, and gold with blue peg) aren’t pretty but I can swim or walk all day with her. 

This is Jeremy and Christy practicing going up stairs with x3’s.  Jeremy is awesome, he came to visit Christy in the hospital the first day after her amputation and has been a huge help along the way. He is a pararescue jumper also trying to get back to duty  with AF rescue!


   Balance board with Xena! 
New legs are near and dear to our heart as we are working/ fundraising to get our kids in Haiti their much needed prosthetics. We talked to our Dominican colleagues last week and Kevins, a sweet Haitian teenager (who wants to be a doctor), has a leg that is way too short. 😦 He is our first priority for our nonprofit foundation. – where you can help us get Kevins leg!



2 thoughts on “Meet la tres amigas: Eileen,  Xena, and Ariel. 

  1. The names of your friends sound feminine. Should they not therefore be the 3 amiga’s ? 😏 But seriously Christy it is so cool to see your progress. You’re an inspiration to me to get out and do more with my (mostly) two good legs! Still praying, Papa Fur

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