One Leg Up On Life Foundation (Donate Here)


Friends and Family,

Exciting news: Jessica, Tim, and I (Christy here) have started a non-profit organization called the One Leg Up On Life Foundation to get prosthetic limbs for kids in third world countries! (501(c)(3), we have a tax ID number and everything!)

Five years ago Jessica worked in Haiti right after the earthquake and saw 10-15 kids get their first prosthetic limbs with an organization called Children of the Nations.  Since then, some of those kids have outgrown their prostheses or need new ones. Six of those kids will be our foundations first projects.

I’ve received the utmost care and treatment by the most amazing specialists and cutting edge technology the military has to offer. Throughout this journey to rehabilitation, I’ve encountered and overcome obstacles thanks to the care I’ve received. My new life has come with knowledge about the process of receiving, learning the use of, and maintaining prosthetics limbs. I’ve also come to realize that there are amputees in third world countries that do not receive a fraction of the care that is offered in the US.

We are blessed to have an orthopedic surgeon, a team of prosthetists (prosthetic makers), and a hospital in Port au Prince, who wants to partner with us. Right now, we’re raising money for the prosthetic limbs themselves.  Unfortunately legs and arms are pretty expensive: ranging anywhere from $10,000-$150,000 depending on what they do (makes me appreciate my legs so much more!). Please consider joining or supporting us in this venture!

To donate to the One Leg Up On Life Foundation:

Here’s some pics of the kids:

Yanser:  needs his leg amputated because of a spreading Chronic Osteomyelitis (the bone is chronically infected). We want to follow him through the whole process- amputation to prosthetic fitting.

Mikerline- needs functioning arm (dreams of being a nurse)

Marcellus- below knee amputation- wants a running leg

Kevins on the left (above knee amputation) and Marcellus- both played soccer before the earthquake and would love to get back to that.

Jessica with Woodland (stripped shirt) – very high right arm amputation.


Luciano, our youngest amputee with a shoulder disarticulation.

We have have some work to do- but are very excited to help these kids!  As always, thanks for all the prayers and support!


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