Hello from Virginia

Christy here.  Yesterday I arrived in Quantico, virginia for the next two weeks of Warrior Games!  We are practicing until opening ceremonies on Friday.  I’m competing in track and field (100, 200, and 400/ shot put and discus), hand cycling, and swimming (if the incision heals- still not cleared now).  I’ll update a schedule when have one.  Here’s the team: 

So the thing I’ve learned about losing a leg is that there aren’t necessarily “good days” and “bad days” but every day is good and bad.  Yesterday was good because I met some of my amazing team members and had quite the adventure traveling through the airport with two wheelchairs (my regular one and my track racing one).  It was my first time flying commercially since the accident and the tough part was how hard it was.  It was super uncomfortable wearing my leg for hours sitting in my seat but I didn’t want to freak out the guys sitting next to me by taking it off (why did I care about that?).  I debated taking my normal wheelchair but was really glad I did based on the distances we had to travel through the terminals, not to mention it just took me a long time to do anything- go to the bathroom, get something to eat, walk up to the ticket counter, etc.

Last week was a similar roller coaster of experiences.  There were some real “highs” like meeting 4 of the original Tuskegee airmen at the 99th flying training squadron, talking to General Rand and his family, and hanging out with the River Rats (a non -profit association of pilots).


Ginger, Jodi and I at the river rats get-together 


 Gabrielle and I 

-For the “bad things” I’m still struggling with sleeping and some pain.  And walking is freaking hard, haha.  Standing on my new leg is great! – walking is work.  For everyone that asked me what my first steps felt like- I don’t know.  I was too busy thinking about all the things I had to do to keep the knee from buckleing, shifting my weight, looking up, keeping even step length, etc etc.  

The best part about “Ilene” – my first leg’s name, is that I went from my experimental socket (plastic that is very easy to mold and fix- it rubs here or there) to a much lighter, smoother carbon-fiber socket. 

The experimental socket (the carbon-fiber one is the black one above)

– one last adventure was when Gabrielle and I were loading my racing wheelchair into my jeep and she saw my penny board (type of skateboard) still in my car from before the accident. Originally I was sad I couldn’t ride it and then I thought, what the heck- let’s try it out:  


She was awesome and also tried to ride with one leg. 
-alright, sorry for the long post, but anyone that’s still reading- august 8th is the date we are planning to do our oneleguponlife foundation fundraiser/paddle boarding event in Destin, fl.  Much more to come on that later but mark your calendars. 
Now, off to track practice.  Thanks for the support and prayers! 

4 thoughts on “Hello from Virginia

  1. You are so awesome and I know you will have a great time at the Warroir Games! Always in my prayers and thoughts ! Love you much!💕


  2. Christy!! You’re really too awesome of a person! Meeting with Generals, Tuskegee Airmen, riding Penny Boards. It would be an understatement to say that I am constantly and continually impressed with your tenacity to embrace life in its fullness! Still praying for you constantly and keeping you on my mind and in my heart! You are loved and missed friend! #ChristyStrong


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