A weekend of unexpecteds…

Hi friends!

Quick update here from Jess. Christy hasn’t been feeling well the last few days, most likely an upper respiratory infection. As Christy puts it, “I thought losing a leg was the worst that could happen to me, until I lost a leg AND got a bad cold”.   Christy’s amazing three female pilot friends drove down to visit her this weekend. After watching “aloha” with all of them (would not recommend the movie, but it was awesome watching it with them) we got stuck in some flooding for a few hours. Christy even though she was feeling horrible, didn’t let us know how bad she was feeling. Not that we could do much as we were surrounded on three sides by impassible flooded roads. Thankfully we had a trunk full of beer to pass out to the other stranded passengers, and a fire truck that eventually rescued us to Emma’s beautiful home. 

Sadly, Christy continued to feel worse and peaked a high fever Sunday morning. We decided to get things checked out in the ER, just to make sure it wasn’t her residual limb that was infected and causing the fever. Thank God, after a few good discussions with ER docs they assured us that it probably was just the throat infection causing the fever, and not an infection in her leg. 

Anyways, that brings us up to date. Christy still has a fever this morning, so she decided to skip PT and will hopefully go in the afternoon. 

Please pray for her to get past this little bump in the road, and be back to good health!  She should get her first prosthesis this week!! 




Quote from magazine in ER waiting room…

“Stop talking to God about how big your mountains are, and start talking to your mountains about how big your God is!” -Joel Osteen

2 thoughts on “A weekend of unexpecteds…

  1. Wow, a flood!

    Thanks, as always, for your update Jess! And your Dad asked me to pray about your med board scores (yup, we want to see a surgery internship!).

    Praying for this upper resp. infection to clear up soon, and for Miss Christy to get back at it!


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