Thank you Veterans Airlift!

Christy here.  Last week was a rough week, but the main thing that got me through was knowing I got to go home to Georgia and Florida for the long Memorial Day weekend!

Instead of flying commercial, a friend of mine told me to request to fly with Veterans Airlift Command. VAC is a non-profit association of pilots across the country that will fly wounded warriors and their families.  Most fly with corporations and try to combine business flights with wounded warrior transport, but that is not always the case.  VAC has a website where the district coordinator Maria wrote a short bio about me and my story and then put my requested travel days and locations.  Luckily for me, 6 different pilots agreed to transport me and even let me sit in the co-pilot seat and do some flying!!  

Leg 1: San Antonio to Tampa with Howard and Mike in their Southwest Associates jet  

Group pic just before the flight:  

Leg 2: Tampa, FL to Valdosta, GA with Chris and Jonathan in their Oglethorpe Power twin engine Beechcraft

Leg 3: Destin, fl back to San Antonio, tx with Howard and Gail in their Cessna citation: 



Thanks for taking me, VAC! I loved flying with you. 

3 thoughts on “Thank you Veterans Airlift!

  1. Bet you’d be blessed to know that most of our flights are dedicated to the veteran vs empty seat on an existing trip. Very few are “space A” flights. Which says much about our volunteer network….and those they serve!

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  2. You seem to be a very positive lady. Keep it that way and you’ll continue achieving amazing things. Hope you update your blog with more great news!

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