Of all the pictures taken over the past few weeks, I continually return to this one.  I would consider the word “iconic” appropriate.


For some background…

1) Bekah took this picture on 18 Apr (so it’s old).

2) I wasn’t present when this picture was taken (so this is speculation).

3) Given the coincident nature of Bekah sending me this picture and George’s text exclaiming “SHE JUST TOOK HER FIRST STEPS WITH A WALKER!”, I presume this picture documents that moment.

4) PT Experts ballpark 5-14 days before amputees begin using assisted walking devices; this picture was taken the day after Christy’s final surgery. Baller.

This picture kept drawing me back but I couldn’t figure out why.  In itself it’s not remarkable.  Taken on a phone, it’s not particularly action-packed, the lighting isn’t great (classic hospital room), there’re no sunsets or explosions or bald eagles, and the subject matter isn’t especially surprising (I knew Christy would be back to walking quickly).  Then I realized that what kept drawing me back is the one thing that you can’t actually see in the picture: eyes.

You cannot see the eyes of anyone in the photo.  Why?  Because they’re all fixed on the same thing: Christy’s foot and, more importantly, her way forward.  That’s when I realized the powerful pull of the picture is the strength and singularity of the focus of those captured in it’s pixels.

Christy’s lips are pursed in concentration, her muscles tensed, eyes cast along her path, relearning her body’s balance, and trying not to use her left big toe (pin’s still in).  Tim is carefully trailing the wound pump (something not normally mobile).  His physical distance from Christy reveals his unmitigated confidence in her physical ability; he won’t need to steady her because she won’t waver.  His half-smile almost shoots an “I told you so” to those who doubted she’d be up and moving so quickly. Whitney (the head nurse in camo) and the other nurse (I’m sorry, don’t know her name) look kinda skeptical about the whole thing but probably realized that Christy was going to give it a go regardless and they might as well be on hand.  Finally, I imagine Jessamy, Bekah (behind the camera), Jessica (off camera), and George (off camera) cleared Christy’s route, offered medical insight, documented the first of many new steps, and looked on joyfully, providing quiet encouragement.  All eight of them were, at that moment, completely fixated on Christy’s way forward.  Their eyes make that clear.

Witnessing such focus, even through a photograph, is both unnerving and inspiring.  I feel my mind constantly darting from one thing to the next, my waking distractions invading even my dreams.  I am guilty of losing focus on God and the medium by which we tap His eternal power: prayer.  But in this frozen moment I am reminded of the intensity with which we are able to pursue a common goal.

Browse the many other pictures on this site and notice Christy’s focus, determination, dedication, and resilience.  Let that inspire you to re-intensify focus and prayer on her path ahead.


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