10-13 may update

Hey friends!

Christy here.  4 things to update you on:

1. I had an infection in my left toe (affectionately called Lucy for lefty Lucy) on Sunday/Monday.  Basically Lucy who was also injured in the accident (pin in the toe, 9 stitches) decided she had been getting no attention compared to stumpy and threw a fit.  Thankfully the tornado of misery and pain that kept me from walking on Monday has since been cured with antiobiotics.  Praise The Lord!

B. My stitches came out of stumpy last Tuesday but sadly she hasn’t closed up yet, so I am not cleared to swim or start getting into my first leg.  Today they started this cool experiment where we are using a prosthetic-like contraption and a vacuum to try to close it.  Check it out:  

3. I finished my driving simulations today with occupational therapy, so I’m ready to start driving with my left foot.  Here’s me in the simulator:

4.  Lastly, I got recruited to participate in the Warrior Games June 19-29 in quantico, Virginia.  If anybody knows anything about wheelchair track, seated shot put/ discus, hand cycling, or swimming with one leg please advise me!  Thanks

Also, quick shout-out to Viking nine for making my day with a package, Danielle for making sure my Star Wars trivia gets up to date, and jake for the music I’ve been listening to non-stop.  

Thanks for everyone who has sent cards or packages, they mean a lot to me!

8 thoughts on “10-13 may update

  1. Christy I love that you finally got back behind the wheel! Hope they made it like an EP sim in pilot training: hydroplaning, deer running in front of you, maybe even parallel parking! =P
    That cast/vacuum thing looks fancy. Fingers crossed that it works on Res! Also, I have to be a bully here and point out you labeled your four paragraphs as 1, B, 3, 4. Haha!
    Much love, Katie


  2. Hey Christy! It’s Leah from Sunday ultimate. I have an address for you but I’m not sure if you are still there. Could I get a current address from you?


  3. Your grandfather was Nevada State Hammer throw champion and a top discus and shot put competitor. Too bad he is not around to help, but I am glad to tell you he knows. with your strength, and agility the discus may be fun. Making that wheel chair go fast may be harder if Tim in not allowed to push you. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

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  4. Hi Christy, that prosthetic-like/vacuum contraption sure looks like…R2D2! Does it make funny R2 noises?!?

    I am inspired by you daily – can’t wait to hear about your Warrior Games experiences!


  5. Love the contraption! Wow no nothing about discus or shot put but am I so excited for you. Love you much!

    Maggie (MAW)


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