Friend and family tree for Ashley

Hello readers, I’ve been asked a few times to explain who’s writing posts on here, so I figured I would try to make it easy for anyone that cares 🙂

Me (christy) – amputee, obviously

Jess – my twin sister (also just graduated medical school).  Here’s the two of us with our nephew Malachi (we are not identical twins, fraternal) 


David- my brother, his wife is Alexandra or Lexie and they have two adorable kids: Nayeli (who’s 3) and Malachi (9 months)  

Jimmy and Maggie- my best friends who live in Florida and were there when I got hurt  (we were skydiving together out of a helicopter 2 weeks prior to my incident 🙂 

Katie- my friend- we played softball together in college and kept in touch since (she’s a fellow c-130 pilot) 
George – my flo (aka family liaison officer) – he’s stationed with me at moody (second from the right in the pic)  

Bekah- friend from my my bible study in albuquerque during my training there last fall

Jake- my roommate and friend from albuquerque (far right)


Jeff is a friend from my albuquerque bible study as well

Anthony or tony  is a friend and fellow 2009 grad from the academy 

A few other have posted too, so thanks everyone for helping me write on here.

Oh, and my boyfriend Tim of course :). He’s an HH-60 helicopter pilot stationed with me at moody (and he saved my life!)


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