Weekend Update!

After a busy, successful week full of visitors and physical therapy, Christy was understandably looking forward to the weekend. Little did she know, her “work day” Friday was going to be one of her most exciting recovery days yet. 

Friday morning, instead of her usual physical therapy routine, Christy was invited on her first “outing.” These outings at the CFI vary from day trips to places around San Antonio to longer trips to surfing spots or camping trips. On Friday, the outing was to the Don Strange ranch where they have a 50-foot obstacle tower and a zip line. 

Early Friday we checked into the PT clinic and got the green light to go on the trip! This was a huge step and a welcome variance from her standard schedule. But there was one requirement: Christy’s right leg needed to be extra protected. To satisfy this requirement, the lead therapist for the trip, Heather, grabbed a roll of packing foam. Once we got to the ranch, Heather and Wayne got right to work wrapping Christy’s leg in an impressive bundle of foam, ace bandages, and Duck Dynasty duct tape (see picture below). 

The obstacle tower was up first. It stood proudly at 50 feet with four distinct sides and hundreds of possible combinations to take to the top. 

Christy was up first. She approached one side of the tower where there was a sort of ladder obstacle and after taking the first rung with her left leg, cautiously applied weight on her well-padded right leg. The foam padding worked! It was wrapped almost uncomfortably tight, but cushioned her still-healing incision enough to use for the climb. But the climb was still going to be a challenge. 

After the ladder-like portion, the rest of the routes were covered in rock climbing holds. As luck would have it, often the best holds were located where most people would utilize their right foot. Amazingly, Christy used her core and upper-body strength (significantly increased due to weeks of PT) and conquered the route. It was awesome! 

After cheering on several other patients on their climbs, it was her turn again. One section of the tower had this sort of rope ladder (see second picture) with the rungs spaced about 6 feet apart. It was certainly the most challenging section I’ve ever seen on any ROPES course-type obstacle, maybe outside of a section from the obstacle course at the Academy. But still, unless you could do 5 strict muscle-ups in a row on a rope ladder swinging wildly from side-to-side, or do some crazy gymnastics, this thing looked nasty. With standard #ChristyStrong gumption, she stated that was her planned route.  She killed it! It was one of the most athletic and motivated acts I’ve ever seen!

After the tower, our group moved across the ranch to the zip line. But this again was no easy task. To get to the top of the zip line tower, it required climbing a 30-foot cargo net. Christy shuffled up the net and was rewarded for her efforts with an exhilarating ride across the ranch. It was some needed adrenaline for our crazy thrill seeker! 

When we got back to the CFI after the outing there was no time to rest. Christy first shed the right leg padding ensemble then repped out another intense physical therapy session. But her spirits were high. This was the last hurdle of the week and we were counting down the hours until Tim’s flight landed in San Antonio. 

Friday night, Christy and Tim were reunited. We celebrated with an awesome dinner at Dough’s pizzeria (definitely will return!) before calling it a night. 

Saturday continued the theme of outdoor adventures. Tim’s longtime friend Jared joined the group for a day trip to the Wildlife Safari. This safari is located just outside the city and allows you to drive your own vehicle through the park filled with animals ranging from giraffes and zebras to ostriches and emus. 

Blasting the Jurassic Park theme song, we drove through the gate with bags of animal food and spent hours amused (and sometimes terrified) as the animals literally stuck their heads into our car’s windows eager for their treats. This is a must-see attraction in San Antonio! 

After staying out fairly late on Saturday night (another must-do in San Antonio is eat at the Cove 😃) our group got up Sunday morning to find a local church service. Expecting to hear a Mother’s Day sermon, we were blown away when instead the pastor covered John 5:1-14. Just open the Good Book and see why we were so surprised. 

After church, we stopped for lunch at a Thai restaurant where Tim blew us all away with his language skills. It was so impressive!

Sunday afternoon, we made a trip outside the city once again to visit Ron and Charlotte. When Christy was in the hospital, Charlotte was her roommate. They bonded during the painful sleepless nights and have stayed in contact, looking after each other’s recoveries. It was refreshing to see each other outside the walls of the hospital! 

Unfortunately, I had to leave in the afternoon to drive back to lovely Cannon AFB, but rumor has it that Tim was finally able to sneak Christy out for a date! 😃 What an awesome ending to this exciting weekend. 

Please continue to keep Christy in your prayers, specifically for her incisions to heal and for her to be able to sleep through the night. Also, if you are considering sending her a care package, she would probably love some more CDs (just me guessing here, but she has music playing in her room all day)! 

Thank you for reading and supporting Christy on this journey. 



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