6-7 May Update!

The past couple days have been going quite well for our favorite girl Christy Wise. Yesterday, she had to say goodbye to Mom and Aunt Anne, as their visits had come to a close. But there was no time to be sad, instead Christy and I got dressed up in Capt America clothes and met her friend Dickey at the new Avengers movie! It was good to get out and about San Antonio a little bit!
Christy has been incredibly dedicated to her two-a-day physical therapy workouts. She starts with a cardio warmup, then moves onto a variety of core, upper body, leg, and balance exercises. Finally, she stretches and ices on the PT table.
All of these exercises and therapies are carefully selected by her physical therapist Ellie, who supervises and critiques each one with a watchful eye. She has no mercy! Watching Christy go through the workouts reminds me of the SEAL phrase “The only easy day was yesterday.” 😉
Tonight was an exciting event back at Christy’s squadron at Moody AFB–a hail and farewell. For the non-military readers, that means the squadron was celebrating both the members who are departing for new assignments as well as the new members who are joining the squadron. Christy was able to attend via FaceTime and even got to catch up with squadron mates one-on-one after the ceremony. She really enjoyed being a part of the night–after all she is a flight commander and needs to keep an eye on things!
To round off today, her advisor from the Cadet for a Day program at the Academy, LtCol John Veazey, stopped by to visit. As a cadet, Christy was one of the team members who hosted children from the Make a Wish program when they had their dream day at the Academy. It was awesome to catch up with him and add another Polaroid to the wall (not to mention a super cool litho)!
Now we are counting down the hours until Tim flies in tomorrow night! Christy is going to have an excellent weekend!
Thank you for the prayers, flowers, cards, and care packages. There is so much love in Christy’s room!
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