What happened

First of all, I would like to apologize to anyone who saw the link to this blog and started reading without knowing what happened last Saturday. I was in a boating accident that resulted in amputating my right leg right above the knee.  Here’s what happened:

Several of my friends and I were in Destin. FL to finish week 2 of our scuba diving certification class.  We did two open water dives in the morning then came back to my good friends, jimmy and Maggie’s house. They live on this little cove on the water in shalimar . We spent the afternoon wakeboarding and jet skiing and working on our head stands on paddleboards. We had a crab boil for dinner which was deliscious!

Around 9:30pm, Tim and I decided to paddle board to the bridge (something all of us had done before- we were protected in the cove and there was usually very little boat traffic).  We brought headlamps so people could see us.  We paddled out.  The water was calm and it was awesome!  We layed on our boards and looked at the stars for a while. I looked up from that and realized we had drifted towards the edge of the cove.  We were still in the cove just towards the edge.  We paddled so that we were still heading to the bridge, but towards the shore/cove too.  Then we saw a fishing boat.  They were driving slow and had their lights on.  I waved my headlamp at them so they would see us and they moved a little farther away.  We kept paddling.

Then I looked up and all I saw was 3 green lights and 1 red light of a boat coming straight towards me and fast!  I already had the headlamp in my hand so I waved it at them.  Then I fully expected them to change course right or left.  It took me a second to realize they we’re still coming  right at me! I reacted and dove in the water to swim away.  The boat hit me then.  My body hit the bottom of the front of the boat and by the grace of God I was able to put my feet on the bottom of the boat and push off and swim down hard.   The propeller of the boat went through my right leg then.  God was with me.  If I had not been able to swim down like that it would have been my whole body going through the propeller.  The boat did not stop.  (there’s still a police investigation looking for them)

I surfaced and looked down at my leg and saw bone sticking out and I thought my leg was gone completely but it was still hanging on by the hamstring.  I was surprisingly calm and it was not painful at all – just numb.  Tim, who was 20 feet away, swam to me surprisingly fast.  He already had his shirt off. He asked me if I was ok- and I said “yeah”. He wrapped his shirt around my leg in the water and yelled at the fishing boat we had  just seen to call 911. I waved my headlamp (still in my hand somehow) at them to show where we were.  They came to us immediately.  they lifted me into the boat and Tim finished the tourniquet on my leg with his shirt and a fishing net.  The time from me surfacing in the water to laying in the boat with the tourniquet on was 2-4 min!

Michelle from the boat was talking to the dispatchers, and I was telling her all our information:  “yes, 28 yr old female, snug harbor road”.  There was a fire station nearby in shalimar and I head sirens by the time we got to the dock.  Thankfully my leg was still just numb and I was aware of everything going on.  They were trying to get helicopters to take me to pensacola’s trauma center but they said no for the low laying clouds.  Instead we had a 45 min ambulance ride during which I got to know my two nurses: Tyler and destiny.

They said my hemoglobin level was 6.  Normal range is 12-16, and they usually do transfusions for anything below 7.  Around 4 is dying.  Tim was amazing and the surgeons confirmed that he saved my life that day since the propeller cut through my bone, artery, muscle, tendon, and nerves.  Our PA said he’s been boating/swimming that channel for 3 years and there’s no way I should have lived from that.  God was with us!! Feel free to ask us any questions about the incident.

– christy

19 thoughts on “What happened

  1. Hi Christy: I was wondering what really happened and why you ended up getting your right leg amputating. I just read the incident. I am really amazed how God made the things happened to save your life. He knows that you still have some more work to do for His Kingdom and a purpose. Glory to God for that. I have been praying for you ALL the time since Amanda sent me a text on Sunday morning, then I called her and told a little bit what happened.
    Christy, you know that we have so many events in our lives that happened and we don’t understand but God does. We have just to let God speak to us and show us the direction we have to take. I just want to tell you that I am really amazed how is your respond to all this. I saw several pictures since Tuesday night that Jessi sent me by text and your face and attitude just amazes me and all I can say, this is the result of being a good daughter of God and shows to anyone how strong your faith is. Your trust in God is immovable in your inner core. I lift up you to God and pray Psalm 91 “A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you.
    And Psalm 27: “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? I just want to thank God for saving your life and show you thru this time His plans. He sent Angels to protect you every day. I love you and you are in my prayers every day. God will take your pains away in no time. With LOVE IN CHRIST. Lydia


  2. God is working on me thru your accident and pain. My life has changed dramatically since you have been suffering. It is as though He showed me a story of what will happen if I keep paddle boarding around with my life. Im so sorry for your accident, our mens group met and just prayed you and your dad because we do love you and your dad and we are one with you, your pain is our pain, your victorys are ours because we are one, we love you even though you don’t know us it doesn’t matter, we love because Jesus loves in us and we just cant help it.
    Don Paschall


  3. I find it very awesome that your leg(s) last act was to save your body from potential doom. What an amazing end to its time with you. Good job right leg!

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  4. Christy,
    I met you in school and had the pleasure of having you and your sister as teammates. You are such a kind, strong individual and your strength and positivity is absolutely amazing. Your accomplishments and the feats you have and are going to overcome are only going to add to the awesome optimistic outlook you already have on life. My thoughts are with you and your family in your recovery.


  5. Christy,
    Wow! God was with you that evening. Your remarkable belief and trust in him really showed. If your anything like Jess (and from what I remember you are) you are going to get through this from your drive and support from your family and friends. I will be looking forward to watch your progress. As a Physical therapist Assiatant, I want to say you are going to be a great patiemt because of your positive attitude, but will have difficult times as you heal. You are going to have a successful transition to a prosthesis when the time comes. I wish the best you you and look forward to following your progress.
    God bless.
    -monica T


  6. Hi Christie,
    I was so sorry to hear about your accident. Justin called us last night to tell us before he shared your blog. I have to tell you, I really admire the way you’re sharing everything about your experience. you are truly a remarkable lady!


  7. Christy,

    Thank you for sharing. I am praying for you and that God will be glorified and magnified through all of this. I know Daniel Velo’s father, Allen, who is my group leading in Bible Study Fellowship. He mentioned that he and Pat went to see you in the hospital and asked us to pray.

    I God is a wonderful God. May you be richly blessed in the ministry he has laid out for you. Both Al and Pat were tremendously blessed by you words and praise to our Lord and Savior. May you have a very quick healing of your body and peace to your heart, your family and friends.

    In His Grip,

    Roger Dill


  8. Just wanted to say that we’re thinking of and praying for you! Your positive attitude is a testament to how mentally, emotionally, and physically strong you are! God bless you, Christy:)


  9. I have a very important question… how long until we will be seeing your next headstand and/or traveling handstand photos? The paddle boarding headstand photos were impressive, though I have a feeling whatever we will be seeing from here out, will just get more and more impressive.

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  10. Christy: I believe also that God has more important plans for you & your life. You already are an inspiration and may God bless, comfort, lead & guide you and every new step you take in this life. My wife EJ & my 3 girls Joy, Sara & Ella would love to meet and support you. I’m at Randolph AFB and the your Air Force family in San Antonio is here to support you. God Bless, OJEJJOYSARA&ELLA.


  11. Christie, I’m a retired US Army Pilot and neighbor and student of your Granddad, Bob Wise, in Portola.

    I am absolutely in awe of you, young lady. You have the heart of a warrior …. absolutely no quit in you …. which is great to see. With that attitude you’ll be back in the cockpit before you know it.

    The very best to you and your family


  12. Oh my word, Christy! We’ve been moving, so I just saw all of this. Thank the Lord you survived. I’m sure God will use you to shine for Him in this situation. Hugs, friend!


  13. Christy, I’m sorry to hear about the accident, but I’m not surprised by the grace, determination and optimism you have attacked the future. Congrats on the Warrior Games medal! I look forward to covering you in the Paralympics, which I’m sure is in your future.

    Chris Murray, Reno Gazette-Journal


  14. Hi Christy, it’s Dr. shonnard. We saw the news of your accident on your brothers instagram. My son follows him and my wife was looking at the pictures of him skiing on Hidden Lake. She then realized that it was you in one of his pictures. So sorry about the accident. You seem to be adapting very well, and more than thriving!
    Thoughts and prayers for continued recovery.


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  16. I am impressed by your ability to “give back” so soon after a life changing event like what you just experienced. I was lucky enough to go to Barahona 4 weeks after the earthquake and work as a PT with your sister Jessica as my volunteer guide. I know Kevin and Marcellus and am thrilled that you are re fitting them. How wonderful to see Marcellus “all grown up”. On my last day in Barahona, I spent a good hour with Jessica reviewing what I had been doing with the amputee kiddos for the 2 weeks that I had been working with them, as Jessica was going to take over from me until the next volunteer PT arrived. I was stunned when Jessica emailed me to tell me her twin sister had had a traumatic above knee amputation. Strange how the world works.
    I am very impressed by your amazing recovery
    Bernice PT


  17. Christy,

    From one USAF officer to another, you are pretty incredible! I’m sure it’s been tougher than you let on in your writing, but man, you handle all the changes so well. You are a true champion and a model of grace and beauty. If you’re ever in DC, my BFF and I would love to take you lunch/dinner!



  18. God is amazing, thanks for sharing your testimony of God’s grace. Our triune God is gracious, good and love and woker of miracle and our living hope.

    I’d love to hear more about his grace and his doing in your life!

    Your reformed friend,
    Ryan (Masih Olah)


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