Successful Surgery!

Christy’s surgery (hopefully the last one) went awesome!  The doctors said everything is looking great.  She should be ready to leave the hospital and into physical therapy early next week.  Thank you for the prayers, everyone!  More updates to come! 

2 thoughts on “Successful Surgery!

  1. Christy, I think of and pray for you daily! Sending you big hugs! Do you have an address where you will be heading to? I have something to send you but want to make sure it doesn’t get to the hospital after you depart! I am so glad you have such wonderful people to be with you throughout the coming days and months. Sending you lots of love!



  2. Hi Christy. My name is Alice Stanley I live in Eagle, Idaho and I became aware of your situation from Melinda Cassel on Facebook. Her husband Derek use to work for us. Interesting how God puts people in your life even when you don’t know them. I am to pray for you and pray I will. For you, your husband and your family. I admire your courage and testimony. I hope to meet you one day, but if not this life, surely in heaven. God has a purpose for you through this experience. Bloom where you are planted and touch someone for The Kingdom my dear.
    Blessing, Alice Stanley


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