First Class At FL400

We had placed our bets, what type of plane would pick up Christy. We didn’t know if it would be a military aircraft of a civilian one. I think Christy and I were secretly hoping it would be a C-130. It may have been best that it wasn’t a C-130. Christy, myself, and her aircrew love her with all out heart, but she is loud, bumpy, and at times not the most comfortable. We did not have that issue, for our ride was a Learjet from Phoenix Air. Our two flight medics, Mike & Ernie, were awesome. They told us stories of how they had traveled around the world, and even helped evacuate Ebola Patients. Jessica and I spent the trip in our leather seats right beside Christy. While Christy didn’t have a leather seat to lounge in, her head was right next to the window and she had an awesome view. Gazing up at the altimeter I saw we were at 40,000’. This was a new record for myself and Christy, no Herk had ever taken us this high (and never will). While it was only a short two hour flight, it was an amazing experience and true testament to the quality of individuals who have been caring for Christy. We couldn’t help but look at the irony of the situation either, the Air Force aviators who had flown MEDEVAC missions in Afghanistan and Africa had now had the roles reversed. While I was not a crew member, this was without a doubt the most important rescue mission I have been on and ever will be on. The whole experience can be summed up with one picture, as Christy is being loaded onto the plane she flashes everyone a huge smile and gives a thumbs up. While this journey is far from over, I know that there are many more smiles and thumbs up to come.


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